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As the official host for the most exclusive Middle Eastern events in London, we have teamed up with our home venue - Lura Club to offer exclusive membership to our regular club nights as well as themed events and boat parties. 


At our core, we remain a place to entertain and be entertained. With a timeless combination of comfort, glamour and intimacy, we continue to strive to create an atmosphere that is as unforgettable and celebratory as ever for a diverse, eclectic and cosmopolitan membership. 


Whether you are looking to attend the most exclusive Middle Eastern events in town or want to hang out with the coolest party goers across the capital, our exclusive membership will transform your nightlife experience. 


Membership provides you with the following benefits

  • discounted entry to all ETX events

  • Queue jump and priority bookings bookings

  • Discount on table packages 

  • Elite group subscription 


A key ring is issued to members, which can be used upon arrival. 

To enquire about membership eligibility, complete the form below. Our Membership team will review the form and contact you with the next steps.


Thanks for applying, our membership team will contact you shortly

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