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Ever wanted to experience the biggest Middle Eastern club night in town and struggled to find one, don't worry, we got you covered.  


We are London's ultimate oriental party destination, our nights are packed with happy people, great vibes and music from the heart of the Middle East.


We have hosted over 100 themed nights and boat parties since 2015. We pride ourselves for delivering quality events at prestigious venues and promise to take you on an unforgettable musical journey. Yalla, bia, hade, what are you waiting for. 

Ever been to luxury nightclubs whilst on holiday in Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Dubai or the Middle East and missed the vibe, energy and music when you returned back in London, we got this for you. 

Just like EDM, Grime or Reggaetton genres, we are the people behind TOPA, short for Turkish, Oriental, Persian and Arabic music. Our DJs bring you the finest flavours and sets of old, new, traditional and modern club sounds from the Middle East. 

You might be in the UK, but when you step inside, we will take you the other side of the world where its non stop party and celebration. Join us on this journey and you will want to feel this way forever. 

latest news


We host monthly Middle Eastern Club nights at our home venue - Zeos London. Check out info of our next event. 

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Music Mixes

We drop monthly essential mixes of the finest Persian, Turkish, Arabic and Oriental music. Stream and share our latest mix. 

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